Information Science and Systems


Information Science is where business and technology meet to offer a unique perspective on working in any industry.

With the increase in usage of technology used to develop products, provide services and communicate with clients, business leaders who understand technical aspects have an advantage. With the Information Science program, you’ll complete a combination of Computer Science classes and Business classes, a true hybrid of business and technology. You’ll gain technical skills while also understanding the fundamentals of how businesses operate. In addition, graduates have experience working with students and faculty in each discipline.



Decision Science Concentration

Explore artificial intelligence/machine learning with a focus on business to bridge the gap between data and the people who make decisions.

Healthcare Information Systems Concentration

Students in the healthcare systems concentration gain experience with healthcare enterprise systems and medical operations while learning medical terminology and coding necessary to work with clinicians, practitioners, insurers, and government.

Information Systems Security Concentration

The Information Systems Security concentration provides graduates with fundamental knowledge of technology and business with specific knowledge in securing information systems enabling graduates to pursue a career securing, managing, and supporting information technology within a variety of organizations.

Web Development Concentration

Learn to design and build websites, applications, and integrate systems as a “full-stack developer” capable of working on any aspect of web development from the user interface to the database.