Software Engineering

The Concentration in Software Engineering at Radford University

The Software Engineering concentration is designed to produce designers for large, complex software systems. Current best practices and process models of the software development life cycle are covered with detailed study of all process phases from requirements elicitation through operations and maintenance. Emphasis is on design attributes that make it possible to efficiently implement, extend, and maintain large systems.

Concentration Requirements

ITEC 320

- Procedural Analysis and Design

ITEC 370

- Software Engineering I

ITEC 380

- Organization of Programming Languages

ITEC 471

- Software Engineering II

ITEC 472

- Software Engineering III

12 Hours in:

300 or 400 level ITEC courses
(Except ITEC 301, 400, 493, or 498)

6 More Hours in:

-Any 300 level or above ITEC course
  (except ITEC 301 or 400);
-MATH 152 or any 200 level
  or above Math course;
-ASTR 111 or ASTR 112;
-any Biology (except BIOL 301 or BIOL 302);
-any Chemistry;
-any Geology (except GEOL 110 or GEOL 205);
-any physics; or
-PHSC 301

College Core Courses Required

ITEC 110 - Principles of Information Technology
ITEC 120 - Principles of Computer Science I
ITEC 220 - Principles of Computer Science II
ITEC 225 - Web Programming I
ITEC 345 - Introduction to Information Security
ITEC 490 - IT Professionalism



Degree Core Courses Required

ITEC 122 - Discrete Mathematics
ITEC 324 - Principles of Computer Science III
MATH 151 - Calculus and Analytical Geometry I

For more information on this challenging but highly rewarding major contact: Dr. Arthur Carter

School of Computing and Information Sciences

Box 6933 Radford University

Radford, VA 24142

(540) 831-5381