Accelerated Program for Radford University Computer Science Students

Radford has partnered with the Virginia Tech College of Engineering to help our students pursue an accelerated Masters of Engineering (MEng).

The goal of the program is to enable Radford undergraduate students to take courses toward a Virginia Tech MEng degree before completing their degree at Radford.

Participating Students can take up to 12 graduate credits deemed eligible for transfer to the MEng degree, beyond 120 semester credit hours required by Radfords undergraduate degree. 

Note: There are limitations for double counting of graduate credit hours.

Possible Scenarios for Double Counting of Graduate Credit Hours
Required Semester Credit Hours for Bachelor Degree Maximum Allowable Graduate Credit Hours that can be Doubled
120 credits 0 credits
123 credits 3 credits
126 credits 6 credits
129 credits 9 credits
132+ credits 12 credits

How To Apply?

Apply to Virginia Tech's Computer Science & Applications (CSA) Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate program the 2nd semester of Junior year, by credit hours. 

Contact Dr. Jeff Pittges in regard to the online application and fee waiver.


Further application requirements
  • A resumé
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of Bachelors coursework.
  • 3 Letters of Reference.
  • Transcripts, including official transcripts of all non-Virginia Tech 
  • Statement of purpose and career objectives.

Note: GRE Scores are not required to apply.

After submitting the application for submission:

  • Complete and Submit the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Status and Course Designation Form.

After Acceptance

Students should complete the graduate courses they intend to transfer to Virginia Techa nd adher to the following to remain in good standing:

  • Maintain an overall 3.0 or above GPA.
  • A maximum of 12 credit hours may be double-counted (subject to credit hourse completed).
  • Double count no more than 6 4xxx level credits.
  • Earn a "B" or better in each course to be double counted.
  • Not enroll in a pass-fail option for a course when a graded option is available.
Radford University Course Virginia Tech Equivalent
ITEC 541: Advanced Database Management Systems CS 5614: Database Management Systems
ITEC 542: Data Warehousing, Mining, and Reporting CS 5525/5xxx

Not a Computer Science Major and Still Interested?

Non-computer science majors are still eligible to apply! Students who are not in the computer science major must complete the following courses before enrolling into graduate courses:

  • ITEC 120: Principles of Computer Science I
  • ITEC 220: Principles of Computer Science II
  • ITEC 340: Database I