Why participate in research?


Research at the undergraduate level often provides the first experience that students have where they attempt to answer a problem with no known answer.  This encourages the researcher to design and think about every aspect of a project.  It also allows them to experience laboratory research first-hand, so they can better choose a career which is right for them.  Research experience is also invaluable when applying for jobs or to graduate programs.

What are students currently doing at Radford University?


Students are working with all faculty members are a variety of projects related to environmental science, forensic chemistry, renewable energy, and cancer research among others. In the last several years students have given poster and oral presentations at campus research forums, American Chemical Society local, regional and national meetings, and specialty meetings including the Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Conference. For an overview of current projects, visit our Student Research Profiles.

How do I get involved?


Any students even considering research should arrange a meeting with any of the faculty members.  Faculty members research interests and contact information can be found here.

All of the chemistry faculty are located on the third floor of Reed Hall and have an open door policy.  Since faculty are often willing to tailor projects to student interests, you should visit each faculty may be surprised by the variety of interesting projects!

Are there funded summer research opportunities?


There exist a variety of opportunities for Chemistry majors to find paid summer research.  Radford University funds a number of faculty research proposals that included student research stipends, so check with faculty members if you are interested in funded summer research at RU.

The National Science Foundation supports active research participation by undergraduate students with its NSF-REU program.  This program has traditionally funded the majority of our student research students.  The American Chemical Society also helps support opportunities for undergraduates.  Currently there are Fellowships in Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry and Pfizer Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships.