National Chemistry Week Celebrated at Radford University

From October 21-27th, the Radford University Chemistry Department celebrated National Chemistry Week (NCW), a science outreach program promoting positive messages about chemistry. This year NCW’s theme was entitled “Chemistry is Out of This World” and focused on the science of outer space. Booklets discussing the composition of stars, the elements present in space, and how oxygen is made at the International Space Station were distributed throughout the week. The Chemistry Club distributed National Chemistry Week pins and American Chemical Society (ACS) cookies to honor the week.

On October 23rd, the Chemistry Department hosted the ACS Program-In-A-Box, a free, live webinar event which encourages audience members around the world to participate in science discussions about how chemistry is applied in everyday life. The theme for this event was entitled “Voyage to Mars” and involved experts in space chemistry from NASA, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Rice University and Clemson University. The audience learned about the molecules present on Mars, what is necessary for humans to travel and live on Mars, and select problems that need to be solved before long-distance travel is possible. This event was well attended, with approximately 75 people participating in the hour long webinar.

Prior to the Program-In-A-Box, the Chemistry Department collaborated with the Planetarium to host a 45 minute show about Mars. Members from the community, including 25 Road Scholars, attended this event, providing a lively group of people with different ages and backgrounds. Fresh popcorn, snacks, and a raffle was hosted between the planetarium show and Program-In-A-Box event.

The American Chemical Society is the largest scientific organization in the world. The organization helps educates the public about chemistry through National Chemistry Week, held annually during the week of Mole Day on October 23rd.

Nov 7, 2018
Department of Chemistry