Dr. Fuhrer Publishes Manuscript in Chemical Data Collections

Sarah Church (R) presenting at the Radford Engagement Forum. This project was completed by Dr. Tim Fuhrer (L), Sarah Church (R) and Jessica Coello (RU ’17).

Dr. Tim Fuhrer recently published his work entitled “Temperature Dependent Stabilities of the C32 and K@C32, Ca@C32 and Sc@C32 Endohedral Metallo Fullerene Isomeric Set” in Chemical Data Collections. In this paper, he examines the stability of fullerenes containing 32 carbons and different metals using Density Functional Theory calculations. This work was completed by two undergraduate students, Jessica Coello (Chemistry RU Class of 2017) and Sarah Church (Math RU Class of 2021). This paper was a result of a project Jessica began in CHEM 361: Molecular Modeling. Later, Sarah took over this project and co-wrote the paper with Dr. Fuhrer.

Jun 13, 2020
Department of Chemistry