Excerpt from Teaching Students How to Learn

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Dr. Tim Fuhrer

Several faculty have adapted McGuire’s resources to encourage students to reflect on their study habits and start using more effective strategies. These strategies push students to learn the material in such depth that they should be able to teach the material, not just earn an A on the test. Here's how some of our faculty have been helping students develop metacognitive skills this semester:

Tim Fuhrer devoted an entire lecture to metacognition after the first Physical Chemistry (P-chem) exam. For homework prior to the lecture, students assessed their study habits using a learning strategies inventory. In lecture, students mapped their current study habits against Bloom's taxonomy. Most students studied using strategies ranking low on Bloom's hierarchy (remembering and understanding), but needed to reach the upper levels of the hierarchy (creating, evaluating, and analyzing) to do well on P-chem exams. To help students try higher-level study strategies, Tim required students to write their own practice exams before exams two and three.

Feb 21, 2019
Ariel Firebaugh