Dr. Harakas Publishes a Structure in the International Union of Crystallography Data.

harakas headshot2
Dr. George Harakas

Dr. Harakas published a data report in IUCrData, a fully open-access peer-reviewed journal from the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr). The synthesis and structure for poly[octacarbonylheptakis(tetrahydrofuran)- diironmanganesedisodium(2 Mn—Fe)] was shown. Dr. Harakas used X-ray crystallography to confirm the crystal structure of the iron and manganese cluster. “The metal clusters we make could be used to form nanoparticles that have interesting optical, electronic, and/or magnetic properties” stated Dr. Harakas. You can see his work at https://iucrdata.iucr.org/x/issues/2021/08/00/tk4070/index.html.

Aug 14, 2021
Department of Chemistry