Chemistry Student Places in Lightening Research Competition


Research for Fall 2020 wrapped up with the second annual Winter CARD event hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship at Radford University. The Lightening Research Competition was a new event this year where students had to discuss the significance of their research in 3 minutes and a panel of Radford University alumni evaluated their performance. The department had four undergraduates participate in the competition, Makenzie Bennington, Katie Bishop, Jacey Estep, and Allison McBride. Great job to all our undergraduate researchers.

First place went to Makenzie Bennington on her research on the “Mountain Valley Pipeline’s Impact on the Water Chemistry of Surrounding Streams”. This project is performed under the mentorship of Dr. Kristina Stefaniak and in collaboration with biology professors Drs. Jamie Lau and Tara Pelletier. Makenzie felt “the lightening research competition was such an awesome event to be a part of” and “it really challenged [her] to condense an entire two and a half years of research into 3 minutes or less by really focusing on the key part of the research itself, the impact!”

Nov 12, 2020
Department of Chemistry