5th Annual Summer Research Celebration

On Tuesday, October 10th was the 5th Annual Summer Research Celebration sponsored by Radford’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship and its Director Joe Wirgau. During the day-long event, students from different research areas presented on the research they performed over the summer. Several chemistry research students gave oral presentations at this event including Alex Atwood (Summer Research Mentors: Dr. Chris Monceaux and Dr. Sara O’Brien), Dhamindra Dulal (Summer Research Mentor: Dr. Sara O’Brien), Kris Moore (Summer Research Mentor: Dr. Amy Balija), and Lauren Purser (Summer Research Mentor: Professor Holl from the University of Michigan). Their research focused on various environmental areas ranging from determining the amount of Trebelone, a known endocrine disruptor steroid, in water samples to whether invasive mussels in Lake Michigan ingest nanoplastics in in Lake Michigan. The student presentations were well received and the students answered questions confidently.

The Summer Research Celebration highlights the accomplishments of student-faculty collaborative projects funded through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program. Although not a presenter at this year’s event, Evan Cowling performed research with Dr. George Harakas this past summer. Congratulations to all our chemistry majors that performed research over the summer.

Oct 10, 2017
Department of Chemistry