Dr. Joe Wirgau

OURS Director and Associate Professor - Inorganic Chemistry

B.S., NC State University; Ph.D., Duke University
(540) 831-7203

Courses Taught:

  • Chem 101, 102; General Chemistry
  • Chem 216; Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chem 215 Environmental Chemistry

Research Interests

We are interested in the fundamental electrochemistry, coordination chemistry, and biochemistry associated with the siderophore based drug Desferal (a salt of desferrioxamine B) in the treatment of transfusial iron overload.  Specifically, we are examining the interaction between reactive oxygen species generation, desferrioxamine B, and iron speciation on the model biological system e. coli. Closely related to this project we are creating and determining thermodynamic properties of various model ternary complexes between iron(III), desferrioxamine B, and iron(II) chelators. I am also part of a group of researchers collecting data on the effect of “flipped” classroom pedagody on student outcomes.