Dr. Sarah Kennedy

Assistant Professor-Biochemistry

B.S. Westminster College, Ph.D. University of North Carolina
(540) 831-6833

Courses Taught:

  • Chem 101, 102 - General Chemistry
  • Chem 471, 472 - Biochemistry
  • Chem 474 - Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Chem 480 - Green Chemistry
  • Chem 481 - Undergraduate Research

Research interests:

The Kennedy research group has interests in biochemistry, green chemistry, chemical education, and outreach. We utilize computational and traditional biochemistry techniques to study the structure and function of proteins. Current biochemistry projects include (1) the exploration of new inhibitors for sugar metabolizing enzymes and (2) discovering and characterizing new laccase enzymes for their utilization in green chemistry applications. Additionally, we are studying how students utilize online learning systems in General Chemistry. Our outreach activity involves developing new laboratory experiment kits to send to high school chemistry classes in areas of high need.