Academic Programs

Chemistry majors have a variety of career paths open to them, from industrial, academic, or governmental positions with their Bachelor's degree to further study in graduate and professional schools. Students can tailor their learning experience by choosing one of our six chemistry concentrations. All students earn a comprehensive education in analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry and can select from focused classes such as astro, environmental, forensic, green, medicinal, or polymer chemistry.

The department offers Bachelor of Science chemistry degrees with the following concentrations:

Advanced Professional Chemist Concentration

Professional Chemist Concentration

Advanced Biochemistry Concentration

Biochemistry: Life Sciences and Pre-Health Concentration

Forensics Concentration

Teaching Licensure Concentration

The Advanced Professional Chemist and Advanced Biochemistry degrees are American Chemical Society (ACS) accredited, ensuring that these majors provide the rigorous coursework and experiences necessary for today’s job market.

Section enrollments for introductory courses are capped at 24 students while higher level courses typically have lower enrollment limits to provide strong student-faculty interactions. Review sessions and outside classroom learning opportunities provide students additional exposure to material.

All students work closely with their individual academic advisor to plan the course of study that best suits their own career goals. You can find the Progress Sheets for each of our six concentrations here.

The department also offers a minor in Chemistry.

Requirements and other details of the Academic Program can be found in the University Catalog.