The goal of the Radford University Department of Chemistry is to provide an excellent and rigorous undergraduate chemistry degree program. Over 90% of chemistry courses are taught by full-time faculty. The department offers Bachelor of Science chemistry degrees with the following concentrations: Advanced Professional Chemist, Professional Chemist, Advanced Biochemistry, Biochemistry: Life Sciences and Pre-Health, and Forensics. An American Chemical Society (ACS) accredited department, Radford gives a strong educational background to create successful scientific professionals.

The Department of Chemistry maintains an active research program. Students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research. A low faculty-to-student ratio guarantees a close-knit, supportive educational experience.

Graduates attend graduate school, enroll in health profession programs such as medical, dental, and pharmacy and obtain jobs in industry. Learn more about the chemistry department »


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ACS Program-in-a-Box: Voyage to Mars: Red Planet Chemistry

Tuesday Oct 23

7:00 PM - 8:15 PM @ Center for the Sciences M070

Humankind has always strived to unlock the celestial secrets of our closest planetary neighbor. We have come a long way since early astronomers gazed through simple telescopes and theorized about massive canals on the Red Planet. Orbital satellites have begun to map its surface in detail and nuclear-powered rovers are working to unlock the chemical and geologic secrets.

Celebrate National Chemistry Week by gathering a group for a mission to explore the chemistry of Mars! Join us live as our panel of experts shares what we know about the planet and the steps that need to be taken to safely send men and women to walk on its surface. Discover the challenges of long-term space travel and the materials, biochemistry, and astrochemistry that will help make this mission possible.