Biology faculty win university-wide awards


Two Biology faculty members won prestigious RU awards in August 2021. Dr. Jamie Lau received the Donald N. Dedmon Distinguished Teaching Professor Award. This award recognizes and rewards outstanding teaching at Radford University. To win this, professors "must have an outstanding record of teaching at Radford University, be professionally active in their discipline, and be recognized by colleagues and students as thoroughly knowledgeable in the subject matter and current scholarship of their teaching discipline. They should be skilled and effective in the use of innovative and creative teaching methods. Their students should be challenged to think critically, to interrelate learning across disciplinary boundaries, and to initiate their own inquiries and lifelong learning."


Dr. Justin Anderson received the Distinguished Faculty Advisor Award. This award which recognizes and rewards teaching faculty who excel in their role of academic advisors to undergraduate or graduate students. Faculty "must have an effective record of teaching and advising students at Radford University. They should have caring and helpful attitudes toward advisees and others and be willing and available to assist advisees when needed. They should effectively monitor students’ progress toward academic and career goals, and their advising should go beyond offering suggestions about which courses to take and which requirements need to be fulfilled. They should be knowledgeable about key Radford University academic policies and procedures. Nominees should be comfortable making referrals to campus support centers as needed."

Congratulations to both Dr. Lau and Dr. Anderson!

Sep 7, 2021
Karen Powers