Students survey mammals at Selu Conservancy


White-footed mouse, photographed shortly after release at the Selu Conservancy. All photos in this story courtesy of Travis Mitchell.


Students from the Biology Department's Vertebrate Zoology course braved the cold November weather to conduct surveys of mammals at the Selu Conservancy, a ~400-acre piece of property owned by Radford University. The Selu Conservancy is used by multiple courses to conduct field experiments and observational projects. 

Pictured: Students Evan Grey (holding the critter) and Devonn Williams complete measurements of a white-footed mouse and prepare to release it.


In just one night of surveying, the class captured and identified 2 species of mice (white-footed and deer mice), as well as an eastern cottontail (pictured, left) and a young Virginia opossum.

Students learned about safe handling procedures and efficient trapping methods in this exercise. 



Many biology course incorporate hands-on learning, like this experience. Every experience is a skill-building exercise that can make students more competitive for science-related jobs outside of the university. 

Pictured: Dr. Powers prepares to release a young Virginia opossum.



Virginia opossum experiences freedom shortly after release.

Nov 26, 2017
Karen Powers