Students catch critters at Selu Conservancy


Students in the Vertebrate Zoology course took to the water recently to perform fish and reptile surveys on the Little River. The Little River borders Radford University’s Selu Conservancy, a tract of land well-utilized by multiple departments to conduct field experiments and hold indoor/outdoor classes.


Students assisted with setting and checking turtle traps, shown to the left.


Eleven painted turtles, including this one, were captured in one night’s survey. 

Students then gathered on the dock to complete a group release of the turtles. See additional photos below.



Students with 11 captured painted turtles, just before group release


Students releasing painted turtles back into the Little River at the Selu Conservancy


The zoology students also surveyed for fish using multiple techniques, and captured bluegill, longear sunfish, and minnows.

Hands-on field classes and research experiences like this one are great opportunities for students to take standard textbook learning and apply it to the real world around them.

Sep 28, 2017
Karen Powers