Students return native mussels to lake


The student chapter of The Wildlife Society took part in a volunteer field day at Claytor Lake State Park (Dublin, VA). Every 1-2 years, AEP lowers the water levels in Claytor Lake for a couple weeks in November. This lowering exposes native mussel beds, which normally exist in shallow waters. These mussels perform a service to the lake by filtering the water, taking in suspended particles and even pollutants. Their filter-feeding activities improve water quality.



Over 50 volunteers from RU, the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries, AEP, Virginia Tech, Friends of Claytor Lake, and more donated their time to return these mussels back into the water. RU was represented well by the student chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Geography Club.

Pictured to the left is wildlife student Kayla McNeilly holding a native mussel called a giant floater. The floater is the most common native mussel in the lake. 

Nov 9, 2015
Karen Powers