Students and faculty present research at state mosquito meeting

Dr. Tiffany Carpanetti and Dr. Justin Anderson travelled with four students to the Virginia Mosquito Control Association’s annual meeting in Virginia Beach in February to present the results of their research. 

The titles of the student research talks were: 

  • Nikki Holland: “Expression of pokeweed antiviral protein in insect cells”
  • Nate Frisch & James Walker: “Pseudomonas bacteria can kill La Crosse virus and mosquito larvae”
  • James Cardenas: “Effect of varying water quality on Aedes albopictus life history traits”

Justin Anderson also gave a talk entitled “Spitting, coughing, pooping, worms coming out of my mouth” (A review of the way insect-borne pathogens are transmitted).

Congratulations to all presenters!


James Cardenas presents his findings to the audience

Nikki Holland presents her research

Nikki Holland presents her research

James & Nate

Nate Frisch & James Walker predent their research about Pseudomonas bacteria

Mar 7, 2014
Karen Powers