Vertebrate biology students have a field day at the Selu Conservancy

Students from the Vertebrate Zoology course gathered at Radford University's Selu Conservancy for a recent field day. Situated along the Little River, the Selu Conservancy is a 385-acre outdoor classroom of rivers, fields, and forests. Students learned about surveying methods for turtles, and celebrated the capture of 7 painted turtles (pictured, right) that day. They also got to enjoy some time in canoes, either catching fish via rod-and-reel or using a seine net. Pictures below display their successes.



Students do a group release of the 7 painted turtles captured that day. Visible are Chameka Day, Nathaniel Ham, and Kelsey Wessman.











Shiners captured via seine netting efforts.








Students captured shiners (pictured above) via canoeing and seine netting. Canoers are Ann-Turner Dunford, Renee Burford, and Kierra Martin.

Sep 17, 2013
Karen Powers