Recent grad publishes work in CUR Quarterly

Undergraduate research by Gabrielle Ness (former RU Biology / Math & Statistics major and CSAT Dean’s Scholar) was selected for publication in the Winter 2013 issue of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Quarterly. The Council on Undergraduate Research selects summaries of peer-reviewed undergraduate research papers for publication in their “CUR Undergraduate Research Highlights”. Twelve papers were selected from hundreds of undergraduate student publications across the country. Gabrielle’s paper was entitled: “Modeling Below-Ground Biomass to Improve Sustainable Management of Actaea racemosa, a Globally Important Medicinal Forest Product”, based on collaborative research between Radford University (Dr. Christine Small), USDA Forest Service (Dr. Jim Chamberlain and Elizabeth Hiebert), and University of Kentucky (Dr. Simon Bonner). This work was published in the journal Forest Ecology and Management and funded by grants from the USDA Forest Service and Radford University.

The Council on Undergraduate Research also posts highlights on the CUR website. The RU Biology Department has three student publications summarized there. These papers are authored by:

Joyce* JD, Nogueira* JR, Bales* AA, Pittman* KE, Anderson JR. 2011. Interactions between La Crosse Virus and bacteria isolated from the digestive tract of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae). Journal of Medical Entomology 48: 2:389-394.

Small CJ, Newtoff*, K. 2013. Integrating quantitative skills in introductory ecology: Investigations of wild bird feeding preferences. The American Biology Teacher (Special Emphasis Issue: Mathematical Application in Learning Biology); 75: 269-273.

Chamberlain JL, Ness* G, Small CJ, Bonner SJ, Hiebert* EB. 2013 Modeling below-ground biomass to improve sustainable management of Actaea racemosa, a globally important medicinal forest product. Forest Ecology and Management 293: 1-8.

(* = student researchers) 


Jan 2, 2014
Karen Powers