Camera trapping project at Radford Arsenal

Multi-year wildlife camera project at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP) has turned up some interesting characters and some interesting behaviors. Working with RFAAP Biologist Len DiIoia, Dr. Karen Powers and students Devon Silva and Nikohl Miller have been moving and monitoring up to 8 willdlife cameras for over a year, in an effort to document the larger predators on the property. Of note was the repeated discovery of young black bears (pictured, left) on the Dublin, VA property.

This coyote was one of many believed to be permanent residents on the Radford Arsenal. Absent from surveys conducted on the property 10 years ago, this critter is now a very common visitor to the wildlife cameras.

A common occurrence on the property, this eastern cottontail was especially curious about the camera. Documentation of even the most common species is important to understanding the animal community at the Radford Arsenal.

Sep 8, 2013
Karen Powers