Students at Radford University can choose to major or minor in biology.

Those choosing biology as their major may select among four pathways/tracts to graduation:

Medical Technology is now a stand-alone major, Medical Laboratory Science


  • Students in the 2017-2018 catalog and earlier are required to choose one of the above concentrations.
  • Students starting in the 2018-2019 catalog year no longer have the option to select concentrations in environmental biology, molecular biology, or pre-health. Instead, they can follow these same tracts, which include a list of suggested, but not required, biology electives. This allows for more flexibility in biology electives, so that students can work with their advisors to design the best-fit pathway through the major.
  • Ready to graduate? Applications for graduation and the petition to walk are found on the Forms page.
  • For students interested in pursuing a teaching career in K-12 schools, please visit our Future Science Educators page for more information about course requirements and suggested classes at Radford University.
  • Students who wish to minor in Biology simply need to complete 24 credit hours of biology courses.