Students in the Department of Biology often:

  • Engage in scientic research, internships, community service; and study abroad programs. 
  • Collaborate with faculty and students in and out of the classroom to learn through a mix off laboratory and field experiences.
  • Acquire highly marketable skills in laboratory and field techniques, data analysis, team building, analytical problems solving, and scientific communication.

Clubs and Organizations:

  • BBB - National Biological Honor Society - Follow us on Facebook & Instagram (Faculty Advisor: Jamie Lau)
  • Student chapter of The Wildlife Society - Follow us on Facebook (Advisor: Karen Powers)
  • Greenhouse & Selu Botanic Club - Follow us on Facebook & Instagram (Advisor: Stephanie Huckestein)
  • Pre-Med Association - Follow us on Instagram (Advisor: Matt Close)
  • Pre-Dental Club - (Advisor: Rhett Herman)
  • Outdoor Programs
  • RU Sustainability