Dr. Robert R. Sheehy


Office: 277 Center for the Sciences
Lab: 266 Center for the Sciences
Box 6931, Radford University
Radford, VA 24142-6939, U.S.A.
Tel:(540) 831-5655
E-mail: rsheehy@radford.edu

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 105 - Biology for Health Science
  • BIOL 231 - Genetics, Development and Evolution
  • BIOL 380 - Ornithology
  • BIOL 383 - Molecular Forensic Biology
  • BIOL 419 - Bioinformatics
  • BIOL 425 - Evolutionary Biology
  • BIOL 460 - Senior Seminar in Biology
  • BIOL 491 - Directed Study and Research
  • BIOL 641 - Human Genetics and Genomics

Dr. Sheehy's Homepage


My research interests are varied.  My major focus is on the influence of landscape and environmental features on the genetic structure of populations.  I am particularly interested in possible correlation between parasite/host genotypes in relation to landscape, and have been collaborating with Dr. Jeremy Wojdak on developing molecular markers to study populations of the trematode Echinostoma trivolvis and its primary host, the Muskrat.

I also have an interest in the communal feeding and roosting behaviors of Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures (“Appalachian Condors”) and maintain a “Vulture Restaurant” at the Selu Conservancy to aid in these studies.

I also enjoy developing simple web-based simulation software such as Web PopGen to illustrate genetic concepts.

I encourage interested students to contact me to discuss research or programming projects.