Retired and Emeritus Faculty

We current faculty members are sincerely grateful for the years (often decades) of service and leadership provided by those who are enjoying retirement.


Dr. Gary Coté
Years Taught at RU
: 1998-2019
Areas of Teaching:  General Biology, Human Biology, Cell Biology and Advanced Cell Biology, Mycology, and Senior Seminar.
Areas of Research:  Plant cells that produce crystals of calcium oxalate.  Local lichen populations, with contributions to the RU herbarium.
Outreach:  Webmaster for the Wildwood Park natural history webpages:  Mentored students making contributions to the webpage, especially interactive tree and wildflower keys.

Dr. Sally Dennis
Years Taught: 1986(?)-2006
Area of Teaching/Research: Environmental Biology, Pollution Biology


Dr. Judy Guinan
Years Taught at RU: 2002-2017; Director of the Environmental Center, 2002-2008
Areas of Teaching: Environmental biology (including study abroad in Panama), ecology, enimal behavior, human biology, and conservation
Areas of Research: Relationships between reproductive behavior and stress physiology in eastern bluebirds

Dr. Joel Hagen

Dr. Joel Hagen
Years Taught at RU
: 1989-2020; Department Chair: 2007-2014
Areas of Teaching:  Organismal Biology, Ecology, Bioethics, Study Abroad (United Kingdom, Galapagos Islands)
Areas of Research:  History of Biology



Dr. Charles Kugler
Years Taught at RU
: 1979 - December 2005
Areas of Teaching: General Biology (majors and non-majors), Evolution, Entomology, interdisciplinary courses (General Biology for Nonmajors; Evolution and Creationism; guest lecturer in Peace Studies)
Areas of Research: Comparative morphology and evolution of the sting apparatus in ants; systematics, ecology and behavior of ants. List of publications

Dr. Charlene Lutes
Years Taught: Through 1996
Other Positions at RU: Chair, Biology Department Chair;  Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Area of Teaching/Research: Genetics
Dr. Lutes also endowed a scholarship, which several biology majors have received.


Dr. Pat Mikesell
Years Taught at RU
: Sept. 1966- Dec. 2002
Area of Teaching/Research: General Biology, Histology, Microtechniques, General Botany, Field Botany of the Vascular Plants and Regional Flora


Dr. Dave Moore
Years Taught at RU
: 1963-1968, 1972-1989 (occasionally); 1990-1996 
Other Positions at RU: Dean, School of Natural Sciences 1969-1971; Vice President for Academic Affairs 1972-1989; Selu Conservancy 1996-2006.
Area of Teaching/Research: General Biology, Ecology, Ornithology

Dr. Charles Neal
Years Taught at RU
: 1976-2005
Area of Teaching/Research: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Comparative Animal Physiology

Dr. Judy Niehaus
Years Taught
: 1983-2013
Area of Teaching/Research: Cell Biology

Dr. Mary Roberts
Years Taught: 1980-2006
Area of Teaching/Research: Microbiology, Immunology


Dr. Bob Sheehy
Years Taught at RU
: 1996-2021
Areas of Teaching: General Biology, Genetics, Evolution, Conservation Biology, Ornithology, Molecular Ecology  
Areas of Research: Landscape Genetics, Population Genetics, Molecular Evolution.



Dr. Fred Singer
Years Taught at RU
: 1989-2013
Area of Teaching/Research: Behavioral & Community Ecology




Mr. Darrell White
Years Taught at RU
: 2005-2019; Greenhouse Manager/Special Purpose Faculty
Areas of Teaching:  Advanced Biology Seminar, Plants and Society, Ecology, Environmental Biology, Human Biology 
Areas of Research: Hemi-parasitic plant interactions, allelopathy, sustainable harvest of medicinal plants