Dr. Martin Gartz Hanson


Assistant Professor
Developmental Neuroscience
Office: Radford University Carilion, CRCH 809
101 Elm Avenue SE, Roanoke, VA 24013
Tel: (540) 831-1794
E-mail: mhanson3@radford.edu




  • BIOL 310 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL 311 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIOL 322 - Human Anatomy & Physiology for Pre-Nursing Majors
  • BIOL 477 - Neuroscience
  • BIOL 491 - Directed Study & Research: Topics in Neuroscience


Scientific Areas of Interest: physiology, developmental biology, neuroscience, cellular biology and genetics

Research Interests

My main research is focused on determining which extracellular and intracellular cues are involved in the strengthening or weakening of communication hubs in the nervous system, known as synapses. Students in the lab examine pathways involved in slowing down neurodegenerative disease and cellular development. We are currently examining two topics: the role of sensory axons in motor neuron synapse development and the role of a specific intracellular trafficking pathway towards the maturation of glial and cancer cells. Over my research career, I have worked with a plethora of vertebrate model systems including fish, chicken, mice, rat, and human. My approach is to ask uncomplicated quiestion and to move between cell culture, animal model and translational methods to best understand cues involved in the nervous system development and physiology.

Undergraduate Research

I enjoy working with undergraduates on the variety of projects. Students can work on basic science research and translational within the lab. I welcome meticulous students with a creative will and collaborative spirit. While I am mainly stationed at the Roanoke campus, I have established ongoing projects at the main Radford campus.