Dr. Mark Frazier


Assistant Professor
Molecular Biologist
Office: RUC Carilion 903
101 Elm Avenue SE
Roanoke, VA 24013
Tel: (540) 831-1793
E-mail: mfrazier10@radford.edu




BIOL 105  - Biology for Health Sciences
BIOL 132  - Biology of Cells and Microorganisms
BIOL 232 - Organismal Biology
BIOL 471 - Biochemistry I
BIOL 472 - Biochemistry II
BIOL 474 - Biochemistry I Lab
BIOL 475 - Biochemistry II Lab


I work with students on a couple of different projects. We are interested in the anticancer properties of the cabbage family (cruciferous) plants. A class of compounds, isothiocyanates, are prime candidates for both chemopreventative and chemotherapeutic activities established for these plants. We are interested in understanding possible molecular mechanisms involving these compounds that contribute to their anticancer properties. Another project involves the identification and characterization of bacterial species found in local soil that are able to metabolize components of petroleum. We are particularly interested in investigating the changes in physiology and ecological relationships when oil is the primary energy source of these bacteria.