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Are you interested in learning what's in our collection?

Below are links to static Excel spreadsheets for the animals and plants in our collection.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress, and that not all data have been vetted. Also, as our digitizing is on-going, these lists do not necessarily reflect ALL the organisms in our holdings. Please do contact us if you find glaring errors or would like to know about specific holdings.

Animal Catalog (Excel spreadsheet) - contains both vertebrates and invertebrates; taxidermied, pinned, or in alcohol. All vertebrates in our collection have been cataloged. Invertebrate collection cataloging is in progress. Special collections include:

  • ant collection from South America (Columbia, Peru), primarily collected by Charles Kugler
  • snail collection from Paul R. Burch (1930s and 1940s)
  • verts and inverts collectd by Richard Hoffman (1970s)

Herbarium Catalog (Excel spreadsheet) - contains all >8000 specimens that are fully mounted and sorted. Special collections include:

  • violet collection from Robert Platt III (1930s)
  • Illinois wildflower collection (1880s)
  • Calystegia (Convolvulaceae) morphology collection from Pat Mikesell (ca. 1970)

Every specimen cataloged in our spreadsheets has a corresponding photograph, available upon request. We are currently scanning every herbarium specimen with an ObjectScan 1600, which creates 30MB, highest-quality scans of all of our specimens. Scans of particualr specimens are available upon request.

Last updated: 2/21/2024