About Us

Curator: Dr. Karen E. Powers
Associate Professor, Biology

Major Contributors
Older specimen tags indicate that some individuals were donated to Radford University by the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian), the American Museum of Natural History, and others.  However, since the 1960s, the majority of plants and animals have been collected by former and current Radford University faculty and students. Contributors of numerous specimens include:

  • Dr. Paul Randolph Burch (Professor emeritus) - contributions of gastropod (snail) specimens (1950s)
  • Dr. Karen Powers (current faculty - Associate Professor) - contemporary contributions of animal specimens (ca. 2003 to present)
  • Dr. Richard Hoffman (Professor emeritus) - substantial contributions of plant and animals specimens (ca. 1963 - 1978)
  • Dr. Charles Kugler (Professor emeritus) - substantial contributions of invertebrate specimens (1980s)
  • Dr. Don Messersmith (Professor emeritus) - responsible for salavage of numerous taxidermied bird specimens in 1960s - most of which are on display in cases in Reed/Curie Hall. Also contributed numerous insect specimens
  • Dr. Pat Mikesell (Professor emeritus) - substantial contributions of botanical (herbarium) specimens (ca. 1960 - 1995)
  • Dr. Christine Small (current faculty - Associate Professor) - contemporary contributions of herbarium specimens (ca. 2006 to present)