Natural History Collection


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  • A showcase of our collection of over 30,000 specimens -- of which 16,000 are fully digitized. Our vertebrate collection is fully digitized, and we work with local organizations and agencies to continue to build it. Our herbarium collection is fully digitized, although several thousand older collections need to be mounted and catalogged. They are continuing to be incorporated into our main collection. Our invertebrate collections in ethanol are fully digitized, and our pinned insect collection is approx 50% complete.

  • Student projects and class-related reports related to the collection.

  • Historical information about our collections and our collectors.

Why are small collections like ours so important?

  • A recent student essay explains it all.
  • We also recently published new country records from our herbarium. This was a student-led project, and emphasized the value of our regional collections!      Allen, E.T., K.E. Powers, C.J. Small, and T.F. Wielboldt. 2020. County additions to the Virginia flora vouchered at the Radford University Herbarium. Castanea 85(1): 14-22. 

The label from the herbarium specimen above, collected in 1935 by Bob Platt III. Platt contributed a substantial number of our specimens from the 1930s. Locations include Radford and its environs - in many habitats that no longer exist! Specimens like this give us a snapshot of the past - a view of this region over 8 decades ago.