The physical facilities of the Biology Department are divided between two contiguous buildings; the orginial science building, Reed Hall, and Curie Hall, which was built in 1968. Both buildings contain modern teaching and research laboratories and faculty offices. Additionally, Curie Hall has controlled environmental chambers, animal care facilities and a computer learning laboratory. A new science building, adjacent to Curie Hall, is slated to open in July 2015.

The Biology Department Greenhouse, completed in 1980 and recently renovated, is a modern facility which provides space for student projects and producing materials for laboratory studies. The greenhouse consists of three separate rooms, each with independent automatic climate control.

Students and faculty in the Biology Department enjoy the use of a 376-acre tract of land owned by the Radford University Foundation, known as the Selu Conservancy. The land borders the Little River and is located about five miles southeast of campus. Students are able to use this exceptional natural area for field courses and independent research projects.

The Biology Department's Natural History Collection is a repository of specimens of local and international origin for preservation and study. The collection consists of over 15,000 specimens, of which over 7,000 have been cataloged, digitized, and photographed. Student projects in classes and as independent research projects celebrate the importance of such a diverse collection!