Artis College Living Learning Community

Peery Hall
Peery Hall

The Artis Residential Community (ARC)

The ARC is the core residential community for new and returning students in the Artis College of Science and Technology. All students with majors in the Artis College are welcome and encouraged to join! That includes any student with a major in Anthropological Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geospatial Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Computing and Information Sciences, or Physics. Students with other majors who have an interest in science, math, and technology will are also invited to apply!




As a student in the ARC, you will be a member of our community of student scientists. Benefits include:

  • Living in Peery Hall on the Governor’s Quad in the heart of the main campus, directly across from the Bonnie and close to Dalton Hall dining facilities.
  • Invitations to fun extra-curricular events hosted by Artis College faculty, like Planetarium Night, game nights, special events in the Peery Hall Makerspace, and more!
  • Access to our network of peer mentors and tutors to help you find success at Radford.

So, remember to select the option for the Artis Residential Community on your housing application.

Let’s make your time at Radford the absolute best it can be!

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the ARC, please send us a message as we would be happy to help.

Jake Fox, Interim Associate Dean

David Horton, Artis College Communication Officer