Student Frequently Asked Questions 2020

Quick Facts


Registration for Fall 2020 begins on April 6th – specific start dates for students:

  • With 102 or more credit hours: April 6th
  • In special populations to include athletes and CAS students: April 8th
  • With 86 – 101 credit hours: April 10th
  • With 56 – 85 credit hours: April 13th
  • With 26 – 55 credit hours: April 15th
  • With less than 26 credit hours: April 17th

Special Policies in Place for Spring 2020:


  • Last date to withdraw from EITHER a course(es) or the university is April 24th.
  • Course withdrawals for Spring 2020 will NOT count against the limit of 5 class withdrawals
  • If a student has already used their 5 withdrawals, they can STILL withdraw from a class for spring 2020
  • For a student to withdraw from a class, they should send an email to which should include their RUID, the name and number of the course and the CRN if known

New Grading Option:

Students can remain in the traditional A-F grading option OR
Students can “Opt-In” to the new “credit/no credit” policy for individual courses until April 24th

Three grades possible:
CRH (Credit High – C or higher)
CRL (Credit Low – D- to C-)
NC (No Credit – F)

None of these “grades” will influence the student’s GPA
Students “opt-in” through MyRU Portal >Academics>Credit/No Credit

Grade Mode Option link in the Academic Tools portlet

Opting for credit/no-credit MAY have implications for receiving financial aid in future terms. Therefore, students who have this concern should contact the Financial Aid Office at



If you are CURRENTLY enrolled in a course that you are repeating, it will still count as one of your three “repeats” so remaining in an A-F option and improving your grade would be preferred to the C/NC system

Any course taken under the C/NC system MAY be repeated for a letter grade in a future semester.



Only classes with a C or higher will transfer to another institution, therefore CRL and NC will NOT transfer

Classes with a CRH indicate a C or higher, but it will be up to individual institutions whether or not they will accept a class with this grade designation

Please direct any questions (student or faculty) to Susan Underwood at