Petition to Walk
Use this form if you are planning on participating in a Commencement Ceremony but won't finish your coursework until the summer.

Declaration of Concentration
Use this form to declare your concentration for the College of Information Science and Technology.

Change of Graduation Date
If you are changing your graduation date to an earlier or later semester than you had originally indicated on your Graduation Application, then you are required to fill out this form to be considered for graduation that term. This needs to be turned in to the Advising Center to be processed.

Graduation Application
This form must be filled out by you, and your faculty advisor's signature is required. Be aware of deadlines posted on the Registrar's Academic Calendar to be considered for graduation in the appropriate term.

Undergraduate Certificate Application
To be completed and turned in to faculty advisor upon completion of the Computer Security Certificate or the Certificate in Sustainability and Environmental Studies.

CSAT and ISAS Declaration of Concentration
This form can be completed if you wish to change your concentration in the Computer Science and Technology (CSAT) or Information Science and Systems (ISAS) majors.

GPA Deficit Form
Use this form to calculate your GPA deficit if you fall below a 2.0 GPA.

Registration Time Schedule Worksheet
This form can be used to help you schedule classes during registration (You will still register yourself for classes).

Other Forms
All other University forms are available on-line at the Registrar's Home Page.