Faculty Advising Frequently Asked Questions 2020

Quick Facts

Registration for Fall 2020 begins on April 6th – specific start dates for students:

  • With 102 or more credit hours: April 6th
  • In special populations to include athletes and CAS students: April 8th
  • With 86 – 101 credit hours: April 10th
  • With 56 – 85 credit hours: April 13th
  • With 26 – 55 credit hours: April 15th
  • With less than 26 credit hours: April 17th

How to obtain your advisees’ registration PINs in Self Service Banner:

  • Log on to My RU
  • Select Teaching
  • Select Advisee Listing
  • You will be asked to Select a Term. Choose Fall 2020 and click Submit.
  • Your list of advisees will appear. The PIN they need for registration is listed in the alternate PIN column.

If you have access to Internet Native Banner, you can find any student’s PIN on the SPAAPIN form.

Special Policies in Place for Spring 2020:


  • Last date to withdraw from EITHER a course(es) or the university is April 24th.
  • Course withdrawals for Spring 2020 will NOT count against the limit of 5 class withdrawals
  • If a student has already used their 5 withdrawals, they can STILL withdraw from a class for spring 2020
  • For a student to withdraw from a class, they should send an email to smunderw@radford.edu which should include their RUID, the name and number of the course and the CRN if known

New Grading Option:

Students can remain in the traditional A-F grading option OR
Students can “Opt-In” to the new “credit/no credit” policy for individual courses until April 24th

Three grades possible:
CRH (Credit High – C or higher)
CRL (Credit Low – D- to C-)
NC (No Credit – F)

  • None of these “grades” will influence the student’s GPA
  • Students “opt-in” through MyRU Portal >Academics>Credit/No Credit Grade Mode Option link in the Academic Tools portlet
  • Opting for credit/no-credit MAY have implications for receiving financial aid in future terms. Therefore, students who have this concern should contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@radford.edu



  • If a student is CURRENTLY enrolled in a course that they are repeating, it will still count as one of their three “repeats” so remaining in an A-F option and improving their grade would be preferred to the C/NC system
  • Any course taken under the C/NC system MAY be repeated for a letter grade in a future semester.


  • Only classes with a C or higher will transfer to another institution, therefore CRL and NC will NOT transfer
  • Classes with a CRH indicate a C or higher, but it will be up to individual institutions whether or not they will accept a class with this grade designation

Please direct any questions (student or faculty) to Susan Underwood at smunderw@radford.edu.