Academic Programs

Students in the Artis College of Science and Technology can earn a bachelor’s degree in:

  • Anthropological Sciences with a concentration in Forensic Anthropology
  • Biology with concentrations in Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology, General Biology, Pre-Health and Medical Technology
  • Chemistry with concentrations in Professional Chemist, Advanced Professional Chemist, Biochemistry: Life Sciences and Pre-Health, Advanced Biochemistry, Forensics, and Teaching Licensure. The two advanced degrees are American Chemical Society certified degrees.
  • Computer Science and Technology with concentrations in Computer Science, Database, Software Engineering and Networks
  • Geospatial Science with concentrations in Environmental and Geoinformatics
  • Geology with concentrations in General Geology, Engineering and Environmental Geosciences and Earth Sciences.
  • Information Science and Systems with concentrations in Information Systems and Web Development
  • Mathematics with concentrations in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Secondary Education
  • Physics with concentrations in Earth and Space Science and Physics Education or a major in Physics with no concentration

Students can also enroll in interdisciplinary concentrations outside the college, just as minors and concentrations in the Artis Colleges of Science and Technology are available for majors of RU’s other five colleges (Business and Economics, Education and Human Development, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, Waldron College of Health Sciences and Visual and Performing Arts).

Visit the individual departments' pages to learn more about their offerings.

Anthropological Sciences
Geospatial Science
Information Technology
Mathematics and Statistics
Pre-Health Advising


Another Radford Universtiy-wide program associated with the Artis College of Science and Technology as well as other disciplines is the Radford University Environmental Center. In support of that program is this statement.