CSAT Unique Research Equipment

The Radford University Artis College of Science and Technology is home to many outstanding pieces of unique research equipment. These tools help our faculty teach and participate in research projects alongside our undergraduate majors.

If you have questions about the equipment listed, please contact us at rucsat@radford.edu.

Wind Tunnel

Location: Curie Hall 39

How it is used: Areodynamic research

RU Investment: $87,506

Portable X-Ray Machine

Location: Preston Hall 256 - Forensic Science Institute

How it is used: To generally obtain x-rays in the field and investigate a potential crime scene without disturbing the area.

RU investment: $37,000

Scanning Tunneling Atomic Force Microscope

Location: Curie 39

How it is used: Uses quantam mechanics to generate images as it analyzes molecular surfaces.

RU Investment: $104,930

Real time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

Location: Reed Hall 215

How is it used: To amplify copies of DNA

RU Investment: $50,000

Scanning Electron Microcope

Location: Reed Hall 215

How it is used: Uses a beam of electrons to examine three dimensional surfaces of biological and other materials.

RU Investment: $72,684


LiDAR Technology (Light Detection and Ranging)

Location: Currie Hall

How it is used: Uses laser beam to reflect off surfaces to create a virtual map.

RU Investment: $95,750