Artis College Quest 2021


Bones, Stones and Behavior: The Science of Anthropology Center for the Sciences 054 Anthropological Sciences    
Pillbug Place-Preference Center for the Sciences 155 Biology  
Cell-Phone Microbiology Center for the Sciences 255 Biology   
Reaching for the Gold Center for the Sciences 353 Chemistry  
Don't take it for granite - virtual field trip of our amazing planet Curie 244 Geology  
Exploring and Modeling  our world with Virtual Reality and GIS Curie 134/135 Geospatial Science  
How the mathematics from High School is used in ways you may not have realized Center for the Sciences 187 & 389 Mathematics & Statistics  
Solar Telescope and Planet Walk Center for the Sciences M75 Physics  
Optics and Spectra      
Physics Community of Learners      

Introduction to Programming, Using Computer Graphics




Curie 142 School of Computing & Information Sciences  




Information and Personnel

Time and Locations

Artis College Quest

Nitrogen Ice Cream (Kim Lane)


Other Food (this is what I heard on Friday, but stay tuned)


12:00 – 2:00 pm Curie Atrium

Anthropological Sciences Dept


Open House and Tours of Labs, Archaeological and Osteological Collections (Cassady Urista and Jake Fox)


CS Ground Floor (054, 056)

Biology Dept


1. Biology Student Panel Discussions 12:00-1:00


2. Biology Dept Tours @ 12:30, 1:00, and 1:30 pm


3. Cellphone Microbiology Results (for students who swabbed phones on Day 1)


4. Biology Photo Contest Winners and Prizes Awarded

1. CS 155



2. CS 263 Study Area



3. CS 255




4. CS 263 Study Area

Chemistry Dept

Open House Tours Led by Chemistry Faculty


CS Third Floor

Geology Dept

Open House and Tours (meet Geology faculty in the CR lobby)


Reed lobby, Geology Labs and work spaces

Geospatial Science Dept




Mathematics and Statistics Dept

Navajo Code Simulation with Neil Sigmon

Reed lobby

Physics Dept




School of Information and Computer Science


Meet the Director

Dean’s Office