The Citizen Leader Experience

Citizen Leader

The Citizen Leader (CL) Graduation Distinction Program is a collaboration between Academic Affairs (AA) and Student Affairs (SA), offering CL-distinguished coursework, support for classroom and student projects outside of the classroom, and co-curricular activities that foster leadership development and civic awareness. Students may graduate as Citizen Leaders after completing coursework, service, event attendance, immersive projects, and summative signature work.

VISION: Preparing and empowering students to succeed as civically active and engaged leaders in their workplace and their communities.

MISSION: The Citizen Leader graduation distinction program assists students by providing the opportunity to engage in an authentic, inclusive, and individualized educational experience that will help them find success as a civically active and aware leader while attending Radford University and beyond graduation.  


Civic & Community Engagement: – We are committed to fostering opportunities for students to participate in coursework and experiences that focus on community and civic engagement.

Leadership – We are committed to defining excellence in leadership within the context of civic and community engagement, in order to create students who will become engaged citizen leaders.

Inclusiveness – We believe that students of any discipline, class standing, and experiences are able to develop as scholars and leaders in their communities.

Authenticity & Growth – We empower students to collect and harness their experiences to realize, document and highlight their professional development and personal growth as emerging civically aware leaders.

Professionalism – We prepare students to effectively showcase their unique and authentic workforce-ready and community-benefiting skill sets

Reflection –  through encouraging reflective analysis of students’ academic, professional and personal experiences, we foster awareness and understanding of their own thought processes in order to achieve higher order thinking skills such as evaluation, synthesis, creativity, and innovation. These skills are essential to becoming an effective civically aware leader.