Women's History Month 2023

The 2023 Women's History Month theme established by The National Women’s History Alliance is titled: "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories." This theme honors women in every community who have devoted their lives and talents to producing art and news, and social media. This year also marks the 22nd anniversary of Women's Studies (now Women's and Gender Studies - WGST) at Radford University and will offer the opportunity for us to celebrate the history and accomplishments of Women's and Gender Studies at Radford University.  

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Mary Atwell

The Women's Studies Club at Radford University is fundraising to recognize Dr. Mary Atwell for lifetime achievement awards for her contributions to Women's and Gender Studies on March 30 at Women's History Month Celebration, we will honor her. All funds raised will be directly donated to Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley.

To donate please see the donation page at  Fundraiser in recognition of Dr. Mary Atwell  

Part One: March 1 - 17 events schedules

1. Wednesday, March 1, Her-Story Project Starts 

As part of a campus-wide series of events, for the nineteenth consecutive year, we are re-activating the Her-Story listserv which is dedicated to sharing stories. Please see more information at Her-Story Page.

2. Thursday, March 2, Black Women Matter

Presenters: Dajai Barrett, I'Yonah Cartwright, India Bagsby.

Supporting faculty: Dr. Tiesha Martin, & Crystal Hubbard  

The Black Student Alliance will be holding a presentation and group discussion, regarding the glass ceiling and social issues, as they pertain to Black Women. This will be a crossover event from Black History Month into Women’s History Month. We will be openly discussing professionalism standards, the origin of stereotypes, as well as healthy responses to societal issues and concerns.

Delivery: In-person 

Time & Location: Thursday, March 2, 6:30 - 8 p.m., Heth 022

March 6 - 10 Spring Breaks. No events in section.

3. Monday, March 13, Amplifying the Stories of Women Through Costume Design 

Presenter: Professor Camilla Morrison  

As a North Dakota Individual Artist Fellow, Costume Designer Camilla Morrison interviewed women from North Dakota then shared their collective experience through Costume Design. In this presentation, Morrison will share the questions and process of creating each costume as well as each final piece. 

Delivery: In-person

Time & Location: Monday, March 13, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m., Andrew Ross Student Art Gallery, McConnell Library.  

4. Tuesday, March 14, Women in Medieval Art

Presenters: Dr. Carlee Bradbury and Students

This session will explore a variety of topics related to representations of women in the visual culture of the Middle Ages.  As well, we will examine the role of women as art makers during this pre modern era. 

Delivery: In-person

Time & Location: Tuesday, March 14, 11 a.m. - noon, Andrew Ross Student Art Gallery, McConnell Library   

5. Wednesday, March 15, The Garden of Eden

Presenters: Jordyn Johnson & Dr. Frank Napolitano

The presentation will be a reading of a poem Jordyn Johnson wrote. It is about how women have always faced obstacles of different kinds, and we still can do that. Jordyn compares the story of Eve to the modern day, to hopefully empower women.

Delivery: In-person

Time & Location: Wednesday, March 15, 4 - 5 p.m., Andrew Ross Student Art Gallery, McConnell Library

6. Thursday, March 16, Making Something from Nothing: Reclaiming the History of Women Artists

Presenters: Dr. Roann Barris, Blake Brady  

How many women indigenous artists can you name? Let’s make it easier: how many women artists of color can you name? Last challenge: did you know that the first named author of world literature was a woman? Do you know her name? Recently, art historians have returned to the 1971 question asked by Linda Nochlin: Why have there been no great women artists? It turns out that despite her invaluable article, she was wrong: there have been and continue to be great women artists. Come for a discussion with slides to look out, and perhaps you might want to visit the Taubman museum for the new exhibition, Positive Fragmentation.

Delivery: In-person

Time & Location, Thursday, March 16, 2 - 3 p.m., Andrew Ross Student Art Gallery, McConnell Library  

7. Friday, March 17, Leading Women of Tudor Society

Presenters: Cosmo Richmond, Elsie Byrd, Dr. Kurt Gingrich 

This presentation will be photo and lecture-based, and will focus on the lives of several European queens from the Tudor dynasty. The presenters will focus on their education and dive into how that education shaped them into the unique leaders they each became, and how people in society viewed their status both as leaders, and as women.  

Delivery: In-person

Time & Location: Friday, March 17, 4 - 5 p.m., Andrew Ross Student Art Gallery, McConnell Library  

Part Two: March 20 - 24 events schedules


1. Monday, March 20, Sexism and Search Engines: How Algorithmic Bias Affect Your Search Results

Presenters: Alyssa Archer & Lisa Dinkle  

Are Google results sexist? The answer may not surprise you. Learn how search results both reflect and perpetuate misogyny and racism in our society. Library faculty from McConnell will share research by Dr. Safiya Noble on algorithmic bias, then try out some searches together and discuss our observations.

Delivery: In-person

Time & Location: Monday, March 20, 2 - 3 p.m.; McConnell Library Information Literacy Center B (ILC B) (3rd floor, Room 380)

2. Tuesday, March 21, What's the Call? Exploring the Relationship Between Major Sports Events and Reports of Domestic Violence 

Presenters: Reilly Metzger, Coordinator of Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention (SAVES)

Campaigns over the past few decades have attempted to draw attention to particularly dangerous days for people in abusive relationships – days of major sports events. Following years of pushback, more recent research findings suggest there is an association between these events and increased reports of domestic violence. What can we really take away from this relationship and how does it fit into the wider conversation around domestic violence? 

Delivery: In-person and Zoom   

Time & Location: Tuesday, Mach 21, 5 - 6 p.m., Conference Room McConnell Library, 1st Floor, Room 170

3. Wednesday, March 22, Women in Business and Entrepreneurship 

Presenters: Kat Pascal, Dr. Samantha Steidle

The Women's Studies Club and Venture Lab would like to invite you to join us at a “fireside chat” to listen to Kat Pascal speak about her experience as a woman in business. Business and Entrepreneurship is known for being a male-dominated career, and we want to dive deeper into how women can succeed in this field. We are inviting the Davis Women Network, advised by Katheryn Simms, to join us to get more students engaged and bring more opportunities for female business/entrepreneur students at Radford University. This will be an in-person presentation held in the Venture Lab on the lowest level of Davis College of Business. This will be a collaboration between three organizations on campus and we hope to have many more in attendance.  

Delivery: In-person  

Time & Location: Wednesday, March 22, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m., Venture Lab, B-level, Kyle Hall (Direction to Venture Lab

4. Thursday, March 23, Imola Martonossy - The Pioneer Woman of the Jiu Valley, Romania 

Presenters: Iulia Salca, Dr. Theresa Burris

The presentation will attempt to expose the amazing life of a powerful chemist engineer woman - Imola Martonossy - who brought important changes in the mining system of the Jiu Valley area of Romania during communism. She was always ahead of her time in thinking and accomplished significant things. The presentation is 100% based on the interview that Iulia Salca had with her.

Delivery: Zoom 

Time & Location: Thursday, March 23, 3 - 4 p.m.

Part Three: March 27 - 31 events schedules

1. Monday, March 27, Women in STEM: A Panel Discussion with Radford University Carilion Faculty

Presenters: Dr. Patricia Airey, Dr. Sallie Beth Johnson, Dr. Judy Smith, Dr. Ave Mitta, Dr. Kim Baskette  

Moderator: Dr. Courtney Watson 

Join us for a conversation with Radford University Carilion faculty from the Health Sciences, OT, and PA programs about their experiences as women in STEM careers. 

Delivery: In-person

Time & Location: Monday, March 27, 1 - 2 p.m. RUC 518. [RUC Map Direction.]

2. Monday, March 27, Women in STEM Panel

Presenters: Dr. Tara Pelletier, Dr. Sandra Liss, Dr. Katie Arnold, Dr. Sarah Foltz, Dr. Sarah Kennedy, Dr. Sara O’Brien, Dr. Cassady Urista

A panel discussion about experiences in pursuing STEM careers.

Delivery: In-person

Time & Location: Monday, March 27, 4 - 5 p.m. Planetarium, Main Street floor of the Center for Sciences Building (Check more on Location & Parking)

3. Tuesday, March 28, Sisterhood through Poetry

Presenters: Professor April J. Asbury, Angela Vaughn Clevinger

English instructor April J. Asbury introduces local educator, poet, and RU alumna, Angela Vaughn Clevinger. Clevinger's poetry collection, The Lady of the Lake Had Bouffant Hair, explores family relationships, particularly mothers and daughters. These "sister poets" will read original poetry and answer questions about the power of writing communities.

Delivery: Zoom

Time & Location: Tuesday, March 28, 5 - 6 p.m.

4. Wednesday, March 29, The Fox Sisters and the Founding of a Profession: Spiritual Mediums in America  

Presenters: Professor Justine Jackson Stone, Bethany Pearsall

The Fox Sisters are credited for sparking the Spiritualism movement in the United States. Spiritualism was based on the belief that departed souls could interact with the living. The Fox Sisters monetized their medium act and founded a lucrative profession for women during the 19th century.

Delivery: In-person and Zoom

Time & Location: Wednesday, March 29, 4 - 5 p.m., McConnell Library Information Literacy Center B (ILC B) (3rd floor, Room 380)

Ongoing Event: Parable of the Sower Graphic Novel Book Group

Students, staff, faculty and community members are invited to participate in a book club reading “The Parable of the Sower” Graphic Novel facilitated by Alyssa Archer, Christina LaFon, and Dr. Michele Ren. Authenticated RU users can access the ebook version of the text for free at: The Parable of the Sower 
Meetings will be in a hybrid format; participants may join in the library conference room or via zoom: 
• Friday, February 24 – Read 2024 & 2025 
• Friday, March 24 – Read 2026 & bring articles that connect Butler’s predictions to present day 
• Friday, April 14 – Read 2027 
Content warning: This book includes graphic descriptions of trauma including sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human trafficking, which will form part of our in-person discussions. For a more extensive list of content that may be disturbing to some readers, please read through the list of topics. 
Sponsored by Citizen Leader, McConnell Library and the English Department, and part of Women’s History Month Programming. If you have questions, please contact Alyssa Archer at aarcher2@radford.edu or 540-831-5688. 

Women's History Month Final Celebration 2023

Please join us as we celebrate the conclusion of Women’s History Month on Thursday, March 30, at 1st floor Atrium of Hemphill . We will recognize our Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Dr. Mary Atwell, offer a donation to the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Center and celebrate our students. This program is co-sponsored by the Provost’s Office and light refreshments will be served. 

Delivery: In-person

When & Where: Thursday, March 30th, 3:30 - 5 p.m., 1st floor Atrium of Hemphill Hall.