The Women's and Gender Studies program is an Interdisciplinary Minor. The following faculty and staff are currently serving as Advisory Committee members for the Women's and Gender Studies program. 

Dr. Michele Ren (English Department)

Dr. David Beach (English Department)

Dr. Amanda Kellogg (English Department)

Dr. Nicole Iannone (Psychology Department)

Dr. Ji-Eun Lee (Dance Department)

Dr. Sarah Rabe (Department of Health and Human Performance)

Dr. Tara Pelletier (Biology Department)

Alison Armstrong (Library) 

Dr. Anja Whittington (Recreation, Parks, and Tourism)

Dr. Zehui Dai (Communication Department)

We welcome faculty and staff who are interested in serving on the Women's and Gender Studies Advisory Committee. 

For more information about the advisory committee. Please contact Dr. Anja Whittington