Course Offerings

The Women's & Gender Studies Minor Requires 16 Hours of Coursework.


WGST 200. Women in the World: an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies through global and multicultural perspectives as it attends to differences of gender, race, class, and sexuality; the course also establishes a foundation for further coursework in the Women’s Studies minor. 3 credit hours.

WGST 400. Senior Portfolio: a capstone experience for students minoring in Women’s Studies. Students will prepare a Senior Portfolio of work produced in courses taken for the minor and revised under the direction of a Women’s Studies faculty mentor to demonstrate competence in all four of learning outcomes. Students will prepare a public presentation of one of these examples of work. 1 credit hour. Click Here for Portfolio Template.


12 credit hours, in at least 2 disciplines, selected from the following:

Women's and Gender Studies Minor


The Women's and Gender Studies Minor participates in the A (Cultural and Behavioral Analysis) of the REAL curriculum