Course Offerings


The Women's & Gender Studies Minor Requires 16 Hours of Coursework.




WGST 200. Women in the World: an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies through global and multicultural perspectives as it attends to differences of gender, race, class, and sexuality; the course also establishes a foundation for further coursework in the Women’s Studies minor. 3 credit hours.

WGST 400. Senior Portfolio: a capstone experience for students minoring in Women’s Studies. Students will prepare a Senior Portfolio of work produced in courses taken for the minor and revised under the direction of a Women’s Studies faculty mentor to demonstrate competence in all four of learning outcomes. Students will prepare a public presentation of one of these examples of work. 1 credit hour. Click Here for Portfolio Template.


12 credit hours, in at least 2 disciplines, selected from the following:

COMM 457. Diversity in Communication.

CRJU 365. Diversity in the Criminal Justice System.

ENGL 453. The Female Literary Tradition.

HIST 306. History of Women. (May be taken twice as course topic changes.)

HLTH 325. Diversity of Health in U. S.

HLTH 453. Human Sexuality.

HUMD 201. Marriage and Alternative Lifestyles

HUMD 300. Human Growth and Development: Birth through Adolescence

HUMD 301. Human Sexual Development

HUMD 401. The Family

NUTR 316. Nutrition in the Life Cycle I: Maternal and Child

PSYC 230. Lifespan Developmental Psychology.

PSYC 250. Psychology of Diversity.

PSYC 343. Social Psychology.

PSYC 391. Psychology of Women.

PSYC 393. Psychology of Human Sexuality.

RELN 305. Religion and Women.

SOCY 250. Social Inequality.

SOCY 326. Men and Women in Society.

SOCY 331. Race and Ethnic Relations.

SOCY 333. Social and Cultural Diversity.

SOCY 389. Sociology of the Family.

SOCY 390. Sociology of Sport.

SOCY 441. Global Inequalities.

WGST 290. Topics in Women’s Studies.

WGST 490. Seminar in Women’s Studies.

WGST 499. Internship in Women’s Studies. Students pursuing the minor are strongly encouraged to fulfill an internship in an agency, department or program that advocates the betterment of women’s lives. The Women’s Studies Director will approve the internship and the intern will meet regularly with a faculty advisor to process the internship experience and relate it to the scholarship in Women’s Studies.  


ART 427, ENGL 314, ENGL 470, FDSN 400, HLTH 450, MGNT 471, MKTG 471, NURS 450, SOCY 495 and SOWK 480, may, at times, focus on the study of women or gender issues and will be eligible for inclusion in the minor. In addition, special topics courses and independent studies courses focusing on women can, with approval, be used to fulfill electives; not more than 6 elective hours may be WMST 290, WMST 490 and/or WMST 498 courses.