CSCR Fall Speaker Series


Dr. Wisecup, Director of the Center for Social and Cultural Research (CSCR), introduces Dr. Jennifer Walton, Professor & Director of the Shool of Communication, who presented "The Dying Art of the Daytime Drama: Why Soaps Shouldn't be Scrubbed."  Walton's presentation, Monday, November 15 in Heth Hall, was the semester's final installment of the CSCR's Fall 2021 Speaker Series.


Dr. Walton defined soap operas, described their evolution, and discussed their social functions, particularly as agents for addressing social problems.


Dr. Walton engages in a Q&A session at the end of her presentation.


The Center for Social and Cultural Research (CSCR) is hosting a fall speaker series featuring CHBS scholars Dr. Jennifer Walton and Dr. Chapman Rackaway.  Dr. Walton will be speaking from 1-2 pm on November 15th in Heth 22.  Dr. Rackaway spoke on October 19th.  Light refreshments are being served at the events.


Nov 15, 2021
Dr. Allison Wisecup