Student Engagement Forum 2018


Students in the SOCY 493 Practicum course, including Eileen Lagos at the podium, discussed their experiences in the Roots with Wings project at the Student Engagement Forum in Heth Hall Wednesday, April 17.


Khalin Reid


Sanou Diallo discusses the Roots with Wings experience. Roots with Wings is an ongoing, collaborative oral history project where Sociology majors teach and mentor students (many pictured here in the audience) at Floyd County High School. Radford students take SOCY 493 Practicum in Sociology, which counts for their internship/experience major requirement. The Sociology majors teach workshops in qualitative research methods and mentor the high school students who do oral history interviews with Floyd County residents.


Alana Fanning


Hannah Koontz takes questions after the presentation. Also pictured are Sanou Diallo (left) and Taylor Forrest. The focus of this year’s project was on intentional communities located in or around Floyd County, learning about their ways of living, governing, sustaining, interacting, and teaching. The high school students were able to conduct ethical, and methodologically sound, interviews of four community elders who live or have previously lived in an intentional community, while utilizing skills of transcribing, video/audio recording, and movie-making.


Faculty Mentor Dr. Melinda Wagner takes part in the Q&A session.


Floyd County High School Students and Radford University student-mentors mingle at the conclusion of the presentation. Projected behind them is a group photograph of this year's Roots with Wings FCHS and Radford University participants.


Radford University 2018 Roots with Wings student-mentors: Khalin Reid, Taylor Forrest, Hannah Koontz, Eileen Lagos, Alana Fanning, and Sanou Diallo.


In a separate presentation Wednesday at the Student Engagement Forum, Eileen Lagos discussed how lessons learned in the classroom shaped experiences in the field while she worked with the Roots with Wings project over two years.


Shayna Gutcho, who interned with Radford University's Center for Social and Cultural Research (CSCR), also spoke on the practical applications of classroom lessons.

Apr 17, 2018
Dr. Melinda Wagner