Alumni Day 2018


Dr. Stephanie Bradley kicks off Alumni Day 2018 with an introduction of the graduate school panel Thursday, October 18 in Heth Hall.


Dr. Scott Dunn is Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Radford University School of Communication.


As an undergraduate at Radford, Taylor Forrest was a double major in Sociology and Psychology; now she's studying Social Work in graduate school at Radford.


The graduate school panel for Alumni Day 2018


Dr. Aysha Bodenhamer majored in Sociology as an undergraduate at Radford, went to graduate school at North Carolina State University, and is now Assistant Professor of Sociology at Radford.


Dr. Laura Jacobsen is Interim Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research at Radford.


The day's second event was the career panel, featuring three Radford alumni. All of the day's panelists offered valuable information and advice to current students as they prepare for life after graduation.


Bianca Dickerson, 2016 Radford Sociology graduate, works for the Council of Community Services as a Contact Specialist.


Shylah Cundall (left), a 2013 Radford Sociology graduate, is a Therapeutic Day Treatment Provider with New River Valley Community Services. Jess Chandler, a 2012 Radford Sociology graduate, is a long-term substitute teacher pursuing licensure with Albemarle County Public Schools.

Oct 18, 2018
Dr. Stephanie Bradley