My Amazing Internship


On March 28, the Amazing Internship series wrapped up the 2011-12 academic year with a report from Ellie Gaither on her internship with the local Women's Resource Center Cornerstone Children's Program.  The Cornerstone program provides transitional housing and general support for victims of domestic violence.  Focusing her career on advocating for children, Gaither said she hopes she had as big an impact on the children she worked with as they had on her.


Gaither shares a moment with Dr. Mekolichick after the presentation.


The Amazing Internship speaker series continued into the Spring term with Jess Chandler's report of her experiences on the front lines with the Pulaski County Department of Social Services.  Chandler spoke Feb. 22 at The Bonnie.


In the third My Amazing Internship presentation, Nov. 18 at The Bonnie, Kacy Chrisley talked about his experience interning with the United States Marines, working in and studying recruitment.


In the second installment of My Amazing Internship, Elizabeth Westman shared the rewards of interning with the Boys & Girls Clubs in Shawsville.  She spoke Oct. 19 at The Bonnie.


Jess Cushman kicked off a semester of internship reports Sept. 28 with an interesting and inspiring presentation on her work at Case Country Road Organic Farm.  Working and living close to the land brought personal rewards and sociological insights on the socioeconomics of food.

Right:  Cushman speaks with Dr. Mekolichick before her presentation.


Mar 28, 2012
Dr. Jeanne Mekolichick