Appalachian Social Movement


Appalachian Social Movement Through the Eyes of an Insider Community Organizer

Dr. Melinda Wagner and colleagues from the University of Cincinnati, Phillip Obermiller and Thomas Wagner (no relation), obtained an insider's view of a social movement from it's beginnings by interviewing Michael Maloney.  Maloney is an advocate and community organizer who has worked in Ohio's Appalachian mountains and the "urban Appalachia" of Cincinnati.  Maloney founded the Urban Appalachian Council, was active in the formation of the Appalachian Studies Association, and has worked with social activist religious organizations.  CSCR student assistants can learn the inside scoop on how social movements work by helping to transcribe the interviews along with graduate students from Appalachian State University.  Excerpts from the two and one-half days of intensive interviewing will be published in Appalachian Journal.

Pictured left to right:  Melinda Wagner, Thomas Wagner, Michael Maloney.  Photo by Phillip Obermiller.

Aug 4, 2011
Dr. Melinda Wagner