Sociology Advising

Welcome to Advising for Sociology majors and minors.  On this page you will find all kinds of useful information and forms to help you.  In addition to your semi-annual Registration Advising appointment, you are encouraged to stop by with whatever other questions or concerns you may have as you progress through your semester, and through your academic career.

Registration Advising


Advising appointments prior to registration are required for all Sociology majors, and it is at this appointment that you are given the PIN needed to register.

Registration Advising occurs usually through Weeks 7-11 of the Fall/Spring semester, with the first wave of registration beginning usually about Week 11.  All Sociology majors should receive an email around Week 6 announcing that it is time to sign up for an advising appointment.  To sign up, go to the Sociology Advising Office (CHBS 3110) and select a suitable appointment time on the sign-up sheets posted on the office door.

Prior to your advising appointment, review your "Degree Works" online as well as the schedule for upcoming classes (see links at the bottom of this page) so you are prepared with a schedule plan when you arrive.

Additional Information


Sociology Practice Experience
All Sociology majors must include a (minimum) 3 credit hour practice experience as one of their elective courses counted toward the requirement for the major.  This requirement is met by taking either SOCY 499 Internship or SOCY 493 Practicum in Sociology.

Choosing your Sociology Electives
Go here to see the full list of courses offered in the Department of Sociology.  From this complete list, various electives are offered either each semester, once a year, every other year, or otherwise.  It is a good idea to consult with your advisor on when a desired elective will be offered so you will not miss an elective that may be offered infrequently.

Class Withdrawal
The deadline for a course withdrawal usually comes about the end of Week 8 of the semester.  For the precise deadline stay tuned for announcements or, better yet, check the Registrar's webpage.
To withdrawal from a course you must secure a withdrawal form and have it signed by your academic advisor, your department chair, or an advisor in CHBS Academic Advising Center (CHBS 3301).  Then the signed form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by the deadline.  For more information, see the Registrar's Office page here.

Applying for Graduation
For Spring or Summer graduation, applications are due early in the Fall term.  For Fall graduation, applications are due early in the Spring term.  Graduation application deadlines fall about Week 3 of the semester.  Watch for a precise deadline as the time approaches.  Applications are submitted to your advisor in CHBS 3110.
To apply, complete a Graduation Application; forms are available in various locations, including on this page.  If you plan to complete your coursework in the semester following your graduation ceremony, you must submit with your application the Declaration of Intent to Participate form.

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