About the SMART lab

The 550 square feet space has four workstations, a collaborative learning bar, various data analysis and visualization software programs, and hardware that can be used for academic and classroom research projects. The lab also has the capability of serving as a war room for monitoring the traditional and social media conversations around important academic, social and political events. Students, faculty and members of the general public can attend these events to witness the analysis and visualization of social media conversations in real time and participate in meaningful dialogue and debate. 

The Mission

The lab’s mission is to enhance research at Radford University by:

  • Providing access to state-of-the-art software programs and technology that can be used for traditional and online data analysis and visualization
  • Training faculty, staff and students to develop the research skills and expertise required in today’s highly demanding academic, social, and professional environments
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary research
  • Establishing a network through which research that addresses the issues and needs of the Commonwealth is disseminated to the University and its external constituents.